Interview de Varijashree Venugopal

Dans le cadre du mois du vocal sur le blog, continuons à explorer le scat à travers le monde… J’aimerais vous présenter cette artiste indienne exceptionnelle, vocaliste et flûtiste, que j’ai découverte il y a quelques mois sur YouTube (Le net a parfois des aspects bien réjouissants !). Le l’ai contactée, et elle a accepté de répondre à mes questions… Un petit aperçu de son talent ICI

photo:  Shashank Jodidar

DJ : Hi Varijashree, Indian traditional music seems to be a bit far from jazz music (anyway… maybe not that far…) How did you come to Jazz music?

VV : I come from a background of South Indian Classical Music (Carnatic Music). Both my parents are musicians and are the reason for me being a musician.

Throughout my childhood I was fortunate to be exposed to all possible kinds of music that were available at that time.

Jazz specially caught my attention because of the intricate structure of compositions and improvisation. I found myself exploring more and more, and understanding how different and how similar Indian Classical music and Jazz are, with respect to each other. It has been a great journey so far, learning a new thing everyday.

DJ : Which are your main musical influences (styles-musicians)?

VV : Training in Carnatic Music has been my biggest strength. This rich foundation has helped me approach different styles of music, enjoy, understand, appreciate, and apply into my own music.

Apart from Carnatic Music, I’m hugely influenced and inspired by Jazz, Brazilian, Afro – Cuban, Ghazals, etc.

DJ : A word or a simple phrase to define jazz in your opinion?

VV : Boundless expression.

DJ : If you were a jazz standard?

VV : « Naima »

DJ : What are your projects?

VV : I’ve a couple of projects lined up including a tutorial series for Indian and Global musicians, and an album I’m producing in collaboration with Michael League of Snarky Puppy.

DJ : Thanks a lot Varijashree, we will follow your works ! Take care

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