Interview de Dan Barrett

Incroyable musicien et arrangeur Américain, Dan Barrett, avec qui j’ai la grande chance de jouer régulièrement en Europe, a bien voulu répondre aux questions de Docteur Jazz et nous livrer une anecdote sur son métier d’arrangeur.

Voir la traduction en Français

DJ- Dan, please give us a presentation.

DB- I was born near Los Angeles, in Pasadena, California 14 Dec 1955. I grew up one hour south of Pasadena, in Costa Mesa, California, where I now live with my wife Laura. We have one son, Andrew, who is an accomplished ragtime pianist and authority on piano music of that era.

Neither of my parents were professional musicians. However, they both loved music. We had an old upright piano, and my mother would often play waltzes and ‘30s popular songs; usually in the key of C. My father would sometimes join her, standing by the piano and singing in a musical baritone voice. He would often come home from work and play records; mostly music from the great Broadway shows. One of my two older brothers played guitar. Ten years older than me, my brother Mark was in high school when “surf rock” was popular. (“Surf Rock” is a blues-based style of early rock and roll, which started near the beaches up and down the coast of southern California.) Mark played credible surf rock-styled guitar, and showed me the three basic chords of “the blues.”

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