Docteur Jazz

To my guitar heroes


Acoustic side                        Total time: 34’55

  1. Djangobop (Stan Laferrière) 4’07
  2. For Patrick (Stan Laferrière) 3’23
  3. Swing 744 (Stan Laferrière) 3’28
  4. Pretty baby (Tony Jackson) 4’53
  5. Francis’s waltz (Stan Laferrière)  2’17
  6. The moon drives me loon (Stan Laferrière) 4’53
  7. Them there eyes (Maceo Pinkard) 4’31
  8. Solitude (Duke Ellington) 4’39
  9. Philvalse (Stan Laferrière) 2’22

    (septet. P.Maingourd,Cb.V.Cordelette,Dms.T.Savy,Cl.N.Montier,

As.S.Chausse,Cl bass.S.Bourguignon,Flgh. 1999)


Aurélie Tropez, Clarinet; Jacques Shneck, Piano; Jean-Yves Dubanton, Rhythm guitar; Déborah Tropez, Washboard

Stan Laferrière, Acoustic guitars

Guests: Nicolas Montier, Tenor sax (6), Raphaël Dever, Double bass (5)


 Electric side                                    Total time: 49’11

  1. Good luck (Stan Laferrière) 3’55
  2. Sous le ciel de Paris (Francis Lemarque) 3’59
  3. What for? (Stan Laferrière) 5’48
  4. Blue on west side (Stan Laferrière) 4’34
  5. How blue is my heart (Stan Laferrière) 4’26
  6. I’ve never been in love before (Frank Loesser) 3’43
  7. Jam hill (Stan Laferrière) 4’00
  8. Pick yourself up (Jerome Kern) 4’43                                                        
  9. Wes point (Stan Laferrière) 4’53
  10. In the meadows (trad-Stan Laferriere) 5’07
  11. Blue on west side (Stan Laferrière) 3’36

  (Septet version.P.Maingourd,Cb.V.Cordelette,Dms.T.Savy,

Cl.N.Montier,As S.Chausse,Cl.bass.S.Bourguignon,Flgh.1999)

 Pierre Christophe, Piano; Raphaël Dever, Double bass; Laurent Bataille, Drums; Stan Laferrière, Electric Guitar            Guest: Olivier Zanot, Alto sax (3,7) Nicolas Dary, Tenor sax (4,8)

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Recorded 22 june 2009 and mixed at Sysmo records studio by Dominique Samarq (exept #9). Mastered & monted by Julien Clarac & Aude Baudasse 

For the acoustic part, Stan plays on 1934 Selmer Maccaferri, 1949 Selmer #744, 1962 Johnny Smith Gibson, 1941 swing chorus A.Di-Mauro,“f”hole special P.Moneret, Mirecourt

For the electric part, Stan plays on a 1968 blond, double paf, L5 CES Gibson, and Blues deluxe junior Fender amp. Recorded and mixed december 18th 2008 at studio Pigalle Paris, by Jérôme Poulouin (except #11)






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