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Honeymoon (MP3)


Clarinet, vocal : Aurélie Tropez; Alto sax : Nicolas Montier; Baritone sax : Stéphane Gillot; Drums, washboard, vocal : Déborah Tropez; Banjo, dobro plectrum guitar : Stan Laferrière

All arrangements by Stan Laferrière except “Stevedore Stomp”, “Blues of the Vagabond” by Stéphane Gillot and “The Honeymooner’s” by Nicolas Montier. Recorded ansd mixed on february 13th and 14th “Valentine’s day” 2016 at “Ohm Sweet Ohm” studio.

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1- Black beauty (D. Ellington)

2- Double Check Stomp (D. Ellington)

3- Blues Of the Vagabond (D. Ellington)

4- Mood Indigo (D. Ellington)

5- I let a song go out of my heart (D. Ellington)

6- Jungle Blues (D. Ellington)

7- Caravan (J. Tizol)

8- Sophisticated Lady (D. Ellington)

9- The Honeymooner’s (S. Laferrière)

10- Just squeeze me (D. Ellington)

11- Stevedore Stomp (D.Ellington)

12- Creole Love Call (D. Ellington)






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